Barbara JUNG


barbara roberta jung


born in Klagenfurt, Carinthia/Austria


Dr.Günther Mittergradnegger

musician, composer, teacher, founder/Madrigalchor Klagenfurt

composer/famous Kärntnerlied: "Is schon still uman See"


Erika Mittergradnegger: singer, teacher


DI Robert Jung: agriculture promotion/government of Carinthia


Dr. Erika Jung: journalistic-literary culture-activities, teacher


school of music in BRG Viktring, graduation

since 1982

piano study, conservatory Klagenfurt

since 1984

dancing education: tap, jazz, modern, latin und standard

since 1990

painting education: portrait-, watercolor- and nudestudy


piano diploma, conservatory Klagenfurt


Bösendorfer-piano competition, Klagenfurt

since 1993

promotional activities for graphic arts industrie, Austria

since 1994

university studies in Vienna/Austria:

- music study at the University of Music and Performing Arts

- architecture study at the University of Technology


piano trainer in high schools and private, Vienna


competitions in Austria:

- "Wienerin" magazine, front page

- "Miss Treffpunkt Kärnten", ORF Austria

since 1999

latin-american dancing-competitions in Austria and overseas

hairdresser- an fashion-shows, Cut Point and Elumen, Austria


cooperation with Prof. Samy Molcho, pantomime, body language


Architect graduation from the TU Vienna

topic: "MoveYourSenses-Center - Universal Design for All"

assistant for "Applied Aesthetice", Prof. E. Simoncsics, TU Vienna

radiesthesia and feng shui diploma, Austria and Germany


workshop "dance and architecture", TU Vienna


self-employed in architecture, radiesthesia, e-smog + feng shui


shooting with QEP - Qualified European Photographers Martin Vrabko and Ivan Caniga, Slowakia and Michael Mairhofer, Austria

since 2009

plenty of shootings, advertising, TV-Spots and moderations in Austria & East Europe Countries

business trips


Japan: Tokyo, Kioto, Kobe; expedition, TU Vienna


Australia: Sydney, cooperation with architects


as model in following advertisements/magazines:

  • Stadtpfarrturm Villach, poster
  • Rosensommer St.Veit, Poster
  • job market service, poster
  • "Kärntner Monat" turbo sisters, magazine
  • Grecht, hairdresser, images
  • o.b., promotion
  • AUA, Austrian Airlines brochure
  • XXX-Lutz, furniture-house, magazine
  • "Gewußt wie" drugstore, poster
  • DM-shop promotion
  • "Singapour Airlines", calendar
  • Beachvolleyball-ball, poster
  • A1 easy, poster
  • Billa, citylight backshop, poster
  • Billa apple, poster
  • Kika, Romania
  • Bicycle, Slowakia
  • T-Mobile, hairdresser-boss, poster
  • HYPO BANK, businesswoman, poster
  • win2day, internet
  • Vitango, poster/flyer/internet
  • Wein & Co, Relax Guide, brochure
  • Rotes Kreuz, Upper Austria
  • Beautiful Life, magazine, jewelry Gabriele Iazetta
  • Martin Praska painting, model
  • IONIT Wandcreme, brochure and internet
  •, internet
  • Oberösterreichische Arbeiterkammer, internet
  • Wien Energie, print & internet


as actor in following commercials movies/film:

  • A1 x-cite
  • Bank Austria Creditanstalt, promotion
  • 4 Pfoten, campaign
  • game works
  • AMA Gütesiegel
  • Zipfer, beer
  • Austria pormotion, Curd Faudon
  • A1-easy
  • TV Busters, OHM-TV, Austria/Lithuania
  • RTL-promotion, sujet architect
  • tele.ring
  • Pharmacy Austria
  • Actimel/Danone
  • Bank Austria Creditanstalt, Speedy Gonzales
  • Neuroth, Mississippi
  • Billa, apple
  • Niedermeyer, Wachzimmer
  • KIKA, Romania
  • Siemens Image Film
  • Henkel Bref, CEE, East Europe
  • Schuler wine, Switzerland
  • Vitango Austria
  • Henkel, CLIN, CEE, East Europe
  • A1 - Windows Phone 7
  • Rotes Kreuz, Upper Austria
  • Chef Menü "Wirt" and "Bub"
  • Thalia, book store
  • Gaulhofer, windows
  • Henkel, CLIN, Austria
  • Ibumetin, Austria
  • Nah&Frisch, Austria
  • Schogetten, Austria, Germany, Poland, Lithuania
  • The Good Shepherd, Faudon movies, TV
  • Apothekenumschau Deutschland
  • Bronchostop, Austria, CEE, CIS
  • KIBB Immobilien GmbH, Austria
  • ÖRAK (Österreichische Rechtsanwälte), Austria
  • Oberösterreichische Arbeiterkammer, Austria
  • Post, Austria


as actor and dancer in following performances:

  • U4 shoe fashion show, Vienna
  • tap-dance performances in Metropol + Akzent, Vienna
  • "Seitenblicke" fashion- show, ORF Vienna
  • "Willkommen Österreich", Dungl and Irmi Schamburek
  • "Casinos Austria", promotion in Austria
  • Gabriele Iazzetta jewelry show, Austria